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  • Congratulations to local winners of the IESA Chess Tournament - 2/28-3/1 in Bloomington
    • Marshall MS - Team: 2nd Place
    • Vincent Do - Individual : Champion (a perfect score!)
    • Sengdao Inthavong - Individual: Runner up (6.0/7)
    • Jeremiah Davis - Individual: 2nd Runner up (5.6/7)
    • Sreyansh Mamidi - Individual: 2nd Runner up (5.6/7)
  • Congratulations to local winners of the Illinois All-Grades Chess Tournament - Nov 16th, 2013 in Bloomington New
    • Kamalesh Sureshkumar - 5th place, 2nd grade
    • Elijah Patterson - 5th place, 7th grade
    • Ryan Johnson - 1st place, 9th grade
  • Congratulations to Kamalesh Sureshkumar - 10th place trophy winner in the Susan Polgar Boys-Girl World Open Chess Tournament - Nov 2-3, 2013 New
  • Chess Challenge - Fall 2013 at Belvidere High School (press release)

  • Congratulations to winners of the Rockford Chess Challenge - Summer 2013 at Klehm Arboretum (press release)


Chess Academy at the
Christ the King International School
 Uyo, Nigeria

A thank-you photo from the instructors and kids for utilizing the instructional material at our Rockford Chess Web site.

Way to go!